With my new Accountability BFF Program, you will finally start getting the support and motivation you need to succeed. Accountability BFF will help you set the tone each week for your goals and self care priorities. I will then be your accountability coach through the week, keeping you on track to achieve your weekly goals and giving you a motivational nudge should you need it.



I realized that the #1 thing that people lack when trying to make healthy lifestyle changes is ACCOUNTABILITY!

We all know what we are SUPPOSED to DO. But without Accountability...we don't always follow through.

That's why I created the Accountability BFF program!

First of all...BFF does not stand for "Best Friend Forever". No. It's an acronym for:

B = Build

F = Follow Up

F = Finalize

It's imperative that you BUILD your success by creating realistic goals you can achieve and maintaining consistency with the right kind of accountability.

Everyone can create a plan, however. But, do you have the right motivation to FOLLOW UP on the steps to reach your goals?

Every victory you have (no matter how small) must be celebrated and FINALIZED, so that you can use that momentum to move on to the next task or set of goals.

This is what Accountability BFF is all about!!!







Weekly Goal Setting and Follow Up. Start the week off right by knowing exactly what your intentions are.

Direct Text Communication With Coach Keith. I'll keep you on task with your weekly goals with weekly "Check In" messages. The goal is not to "bother" you...but to keep you inspired!

Weekly Rapid Fire Accountability Call. Each week, we'll wrap things up with a brief call. During this call we'll discuss your victories for the week, and trouble shoot any challenges that popped up.

Private Facebook "Accountability Crib" Group. The Crib is where you'll find yet another layer of accountability. It's filled with people just like you that are in the program, and trying to make massive change in their lives!


Monthly "Accountability HotSeat" Coaching Room. Each month, Keith finalizes the month's work with a Hot Seat coaching session inside the Accountability Crib Facebook Group. Ask any questions you need to stay successful! Diet, exercise, motivation, etc.




Keith Miller was a life-long martial artist, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and trained MMA fighters before a series of life threatening illnesses caused him to suffer physically and emotionally for years. He battled back from congestive heart failure, depression, sleep apnea, low testosterone, and a weight gain of almost 100 pounds, and now trains people all over the world with his 3-Tier health and fitness programs.

  • Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach
  • Certified Health Coach (ICF Accredited)
  • Certified Professional Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach (Funk Roberts)
  • Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach
  • Certified IMPACT Group Fitness Instructor

"I Was Dying..."

Or, was I just waiting to die?

Both are bad places to be in your mind…and I was there.

Hi, I’m Keith Miller, the owner and head coach at Up For It Coaching & Fitness. Congestive Heart Failure, Sleep Apnea, Low Testosterone, High Blood Pressure, and the fact that I had gained over 70 lbs had driven me to a depression and lack of energy that I didn’t really see myself coming back from.

I had been a personal trainer, martial arts instructor, and coach for both professional and amateur MMA fighters...and I felt that both my career and life were over.

My doctor actually told me that people in my condition were typically dead within 5 years.

Something had to change. So, I began to educate myself on how to reverse the damage that stress and heart disease had done to my body and mental health.

It took a lot of effort to get all of the information into one useable plan. The internet is black hole of information overload. And, doctors tell you to make changes to your lifestyle, but don't have the capacity in most clinics or hospitals to do anything other than prescribe medication (not entirely their fault, btw).

THAT is why I created the Reboot Your Heart Health Challenge, to provide you a shortcut to creating the lifestyle changes necessary to live life without limits.

The techniques and methods I used to lose the weight, get off the medication, and improve my heart function is all right here in this FREE Challenge!

Keith Miller - Creator of the Reboot Your Heart Health Challenge

Brieta C.

He is PASSIONATE.He is DEDICATED.He will CARE about your goals more than you do if you don't watch it! Haha. When being coached by this guy, you'll feel like his most important client & friend.

Keith is very engaging and knowledgeable. He adjusts to all skill levels and really takes interest in everyone's individual needs. He makes it fun!

April G.


When I sat down to create Accountability BFF, I knew it would be a great program for folks that are not ready to make the commitment of an intensive 1-on-1 coaching program.

I ONLY work with clients who are open and passionate about making changes to their lives, are Massive ACTION takers, and are willing to dive deeper than just sets and reps when it comes to their health and wellness.

I absolutely will NOT work with clients who are not willing to put in the work, aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zones to find out how they got where they are with their health and fitness, and are not willing to take responsibility for their actions.

If you are truly ready to put in the work, and finally start hitting your life long healthy goals...then click the button below, and get started today!


Keith Miller

Up For It Coaching


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